Od Brd k Vltavě - regionální informační portál


    You are on the website of the tourist region “From Brdy to Vltava”. The region is made up of 31 municipalities in the territory within the Association of municipalities of Dobříš, Nový Knín and the Association of the municipalities of Central Bohemia (the area around the River Vltava – Štěchovice, Slapy, Davle etc.).

    The website offers an overview of services in the region - accommodation, catering, health and fitness centres. In the calendar, you can find interesting events that take place throughout the year in various communities. We can arrange hiking and biking trips for you, as well as an overview of the major activities of the region. We hope that this website will help you with planning your trips in the region “From Brdy to Vltava” and you spend a pleasant time here.