Od Brd k Vltavě - regionální informační portál


Region Od Brd k Vltavě

This website has arisen within the project “Joint promotion of the region Brdy - Vltava”. It is a project of the Association of municipalities of Dobříš and Nový Knín in cooperation with the Association of municipalities of Central Bohemia.

The project is funded through the Regional Operational Programme Central Bohemia by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project budget is CZK 950,000; 80% of the budget is financed from the ERDF and 20% is financed from associations in the region “From Brdy toVltava”.

Apart from creating a new regional website with complete tourist facilities, the following activities realized through the project are: the creation of a new logo for the region, presenting the region to tourism fairs, creation of a calendar of events and a database of photos of the region. Two press trips will be organized within the project - trips throughout the region with journalists, training for the Information Centre staff. We will have a Regional tourism fair in June. Project activities are regularly published in local periodicals, we also prepare advertising of the Brdy region “From Brdy to Vltava” in magazines focused on tourism. There will be unified promotional materials: a puzzle about the region, maps of the region with cycleways, a wheelchair accessible service leaflet and wall maps.

Implementation of all project activities is under way from December 2011 to November 2012. “Local action group Brdy - Vltava” will provide sustainability of the project.

We wish all visitors of websites - dedicated to the region “From Brdy to Vltava” - lots of successful trips within our area, whether for interesting events that take place here, or monuments, nature and other attractions of the region.