Od Brd k Vltavě - regionální informační portál

The region

Not far from the south of Prague the tourist region “From Brdy to Vltava” stretches, covering areas such as Dobříš, Nový Knín and Central Bohemia. As the name itself suggests, the area is associated with Brdy, more precisely, with the northern part of Ridges that forms the western border of this area. The region stretches across picturesque villages located in the middle, up to the river Vltava in the east.

Dobříš is the largest municipality in the region, with more than 8 thousand inhabitants and a marvellous chateau. In the middle of the area there lies the picturesque royal mining town of Nový Knín, an urban conservation area, and in the east by the river there are significant municipalities Davle, Štěchovice and Hradištko. We should not forget the area around Slapy which is popular especially during the summer months and also settlements lying along the river. Not only Brdy forests, the rural character of this area, the canyon valleys of Vltava  and other natural beauties, but also a rich cultural heritage and an interesting and varied history invite you to visit this area lying in the centre of the Republic. Even the Celts, the Hussites, gold miners and Vltava rafters have left their mark here. And so several museums and nature trails guide you throughout the local history.

Museums in Chotilsko, Prostřední Lhota, Nový Knín or Karel Čapek’s Monument and attractions in Dobříš are worth visiting, and gaining knowledge. Tunnels, quarries and mills on the Kocába complete the collection of well-preserved technical monuments in which the region is very rich. There is a nature trail, “Midsummer Streams”, located along the River Vltava. Brdy offers escape into the forests.

The region has much to offer for both those who long for knowledge and for active hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. During the year, there is also space for culture and various events. Municipalities restore and maintain traditions and live an active life.

The area lies within the jurisdiction of “Local action groups Brdy - Vltava o.p.s.”, and the Association of municipalities of Dobříš, Nový Knín and the Association of municipalities of Central Bohemia.