Od Brd k Vltavě - regionální informační portál


The region is easily accessible by road, R4, leading from Prague via Příbram to Strakonice. To the largest municipality, Dobříš, it is less than 40 km from Prague and 20 km from Příbram. Above all, the regional part around Vltava is even closer to Prague and it is also easily accessible from Prague.

By bus

A large amount of the region's population commutes to work or school to Prague, and therefore the region is easily accessible by bus. The main Line D 98 (at weekends D 99) follows the route Příbram - Dobříš - Prague and is a part of Central Bohemian Integrated Transport. However, some long-distance lines from South Bohemia stop in Dobříš.

Some municipalities are also accessible via the Prague Integrated Transport (PID).

Http://portalpid.idos.cz/StopList.aspx?mi=15&t=1 Here you can search for specific municipalities and the lines that PID manage.

Brdy cyclobus, which brings cyclists nearer to our region works seasonally within the PID, since it stops in Mníšek pod Brdy and Kytín.

http://www.ropid.cz/cestujeme/cykliste-v-pid- (from-January 1, 2012) # __s191x1102.html cyclobus

By rail

A romantic track, number 210, within the PID (Prague Integrated Transport), leads into this region. The track leads from Prague to Vrané nad Vltavou and after that splits at Skochovic going to: 1) Měchenice - Čisovice - Nová Ves pod Pleší - Mokrovraty - Stará Huť - Dobříš and 2) Davle – Jílové u Prahy - Čerčany. Some lines allow extended luggage transport, especially bicycles. The Čerčany branch line is also called the Posázavský Pacific, and the Dobříš branch line; Dobříš – Paříž. On the occasion of many cultural events ČD a.s. despatches several nostalgic steam trains (such as the "Posázavské lines”, “By train to Dobříš” during the Dobříš May Festival and St. Wenceslas Festival). The route is included in the ČD Esko and on work days it is used mainly in the stretch where there is a full integration of PID (Měchenice – Prague and Petrov u Prahy - Prague). At weekends the rail transport is significantly reinforced because of the increased interest in recreational transport.

By waterway

You can also come by boat to us. The line Prague Steamship Company, works seasonally and it goes from Prague to Slapy. It stops in Měchenice, Davle, Štěchovice and Slapy.

For more information see http://www.paroplavba.cz/plavba-na-slapy

From the air

Not far from Dobříš there is an airport in the village of Dlouhá Lhota, which provides sightseeing flights over our region.